This family has been in my lens twice before, once as just a family of 4, once as a growing family and now as a solid family of 5. Russ and JoDee have two amazing daughters, gorgeous in their own right and gained a son-in-law last year who is the perfect match for Becky.

JoDee is one of those women I can refer to as my "pseudo Mom" because she's quick to offer a hug, advice, a shoulder to cry on or give advice when listening isn't all that's required. Her daughters are my "pseudo sisters" who are equally sympathetic and attentive, constantly serving others. So, one of my favorite families over the years had to have their shoot in one of my favorite places.

When you get these 5 together, who knows what's going to happen! I love how comfortable they were in front of the camera!
I loved having plenty of time with all of these special people to highlight all the different dynamics in this family.
There is sometimes some trash talking that goes on behind the scenes between certain family members on sessions....and I think there was something about Zac not being a fan of the right sports team...?....I was working on my camera settings so I "pretended" to be Swiss and stay out of it. Me and my Reds are staying far away from that discussion. Nonetheless, Rusty will still shake Zac's hand every now and then without using antibacterial afterwards--;)

This family has such a great time being together that their love for one another really comes across in their photos. We had so many good ones out of our time together, please take a look at the rest of our session HERE.

Rusty, JoDee, Becky, Kaydee and Zac-THANK YOU. I LOVE YOU. (I guess you too now, Zac...;) )