An impromptu dinner with a friend and her two girls turned into a photo session, walk around the block, dinner and watching a little bit of The Sing-Off. Trayla and I have been friends for going on three years now and she truly is an inspiration. She's so confident in her own skin that she provokes you to be comfortable in your's. Giving grace in abundance, she inspires you to give grace to others. Quick to smile, laugh, snort-laugh, Trayla has transformed parts of my wardrobe and accessories, the trim in my bedroom and got me thinking on ideas for our office re-do from this summer. So, when someone like Trayla marries, you know she'll only get hitched to a great guy and then make beautiful babies.

As this was an all girl's night, Nate wasn't in attendance and since he's not one to pose for a professional photo shoot, I knew this was my chance to hone some skills on my 85mm macro. Maybe this session will start to convert him to the other side. . . and with a fashionista for a mom, you know Tayven and Rya will have fabulous clothes, even when they weren't planning on being photographed.
While Tayven had a $1 garage sale find on her tootsies, Rya is still baring her's.
These girls will break hearts some day.

 Nate & Trayla: Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your girls! I can't believe I photographed Rya as a newborn over a year ago. You have gorgeous girls and I am so excited to watch them grow and see how they change. Your family has blessed us immensely and we are ever grateful.

PS You can view the rest of our session HERE.