Thanksgiving #1: With our Bible study from West Town Church on Tuesday night. We fit 12 adults at our kitchen table and 5 kids in the living room at a card table to toast and say thanks over a potluck meal. I'm so thankful for these amazing people I get to do life with!

Thanksgiving #2: Gerard & I celebrated Thursday with his mom, Cheryl, and his Grandpa Vernon by taking Grandpa to the Old Country Buffet, lovingly referred to as "The OCB" (always said in a gangster bass voice by all his cousins...) After lunch, we drove by the family farm to see the changes to the buildings and grounds. It was the first time Grandpa had seen it in awhile and we got his stamp of approval that everything looked great! I'm increasingly thankful for the time we get to spend with Vernon, it sometimes feels like I got another chance with a grandpa since I never met my paternal grandpa. . .

Thanksgiving #3: I called my Aunt that night to see if we could bring anything to my family's cribbage tournament. My aunt literally croaked out a response that she was just going to get some pizzas; she's been battling a few broken ribs and a bad cold. We had most of the fixings for chilli on hand, so Gerard went to the store to get the rest and we brought two crockpots full to the family farm to feed roughly 15 people. My Aunt Alice has fed us for innumerable holidays and Sunday afternoons that really, chilli for 15 is a drop in the proverbial bucket. Uncle Paul won 6 out of 7 games and put us all to shame; it just wasn't in the cards for either Gerard nor I that day...I'm so thankful for my family, the love we have for one another, that we get along really really well and have fun together on a regular basis--whether we win or lose.

It's difficult to say what I'm most thankful for-my relationship with Christ, my husband, my family, Ella...I will say though, that attending the Weekend to Remember conference last weekend really made me thankful for the life I am blessed to have. And it made me intensely aware of the blessing I have in Gerard and thankful that we get to do life together, Lord willing, for a very very long time.
(taken at Weekend to Remember Conference, Cedar Rapids)