No, not Project "Runway". In our house this last weekend, it came down to Project "Sunday". Gerard worked a 12 hour day at school on Saturday to get ready for ONE rehearsal tonight. Let me repeat that folks: 12 hours for ONE rehearsal. Anyway, after church Gerard took a trip to Menard's while I got cracking on my goals for the day.

Gerard's goals: come up with a more sturdy towel rod in upstairs bathroom (it had previously been coming out of the wall...) and hang window panes we found (in July).

My goals: paint a chalkboard and a magnetic board for the office, finish my Advent calender and address Christmas card envelopes.

This will be a series of posts, so I'll start with Gerard's successes. Mine are still drying...

The bathroom towel rod is a towel rod-not very interesting. Gerard found someone knowledgable at Menard's that directed him to this snazzy contraption that is drilled into the wall, flips open to hold onto the back of the drywall and screws to our towel rod. It sounded too confusing for my differently-minded mind to comprehend, suffice it to say, no pictures were taken of this feat, but I did do a little happy dance when it was complete and our towels are back in their rightful homes.

Gerard's second success was hanging the antique window panes we found in Amana on this summer's anniversary trip. Yes, they've been in our garage since July...Amana windows were originally built with 9 sections in them and most historical buildings have to replace the windows as the frames rot away. So this little guy is a piece of Iowa history. :) Some genius at Menard's again came through for us Gerard and here's what we he used:

a hook for the wall-
a hook for the back of the windows-
wire to hang the windows-
(notice we got wire that could hold up to 50lbs)
halfway there!!

I will spare you a photo of our entire kitchen as our table was taken up with a few of my other projects. All in due time...

I love that these windows were originally painted white already, even though some of it is peeling off. They completely match the rest of our white kitchen. *sigh* This wall is finally complete after living here for 4 years.

Baby steps, my friends. Baby steps.