Driving to their new home, I realized I forgot to bring any props for sweet little Nolan! Well, Ann's creative. Lord, I pray she has something! Lo and behold, God is a God of Answered Prayers. Though they have just moved in to their new home (it was genius to move on Nov. 15th and then be hostess with the mostest for over a dozen people on Thanksgiving), leave it to Ann to have the perfect amount of Christmas decorations up and, you guessed, props for sweet little Nolan. We started in their front room with fantastic natural lighting:
Yes, there is some carpet in the top right corner from the stairs behind them, but I still love this next series of Nolan's facial expressions while he's being read to and cuddled by Mom & Dad. I could've made some adjustments, which would've included moving the 6' Christmas tree, but I embrace the imperfection of the stairs showing because this is their NEW HOME! It's part of the story behind the image.

Eventually, the photo taking plum wore Nolan out. He probably had sugar plums dancing in his head. And the parents rejoiced!
Ann thought of this phenominal idea: mess with your baby while he's asleep! Maybe we'll just make him the gift of their year...;)

Ann & Jason-It's been a pleasure becoming your family's photographer this year marking Nolan's milestones. I'm proud to have persuaded you into marking more of his milestones in the coming year! Nolan is a chunk of sweetness and I can't wait to watch him grow.
Many blessings this Christmas season,
PS You can view the remainder of our session HERE.