We barely squeeked through our first photo shoot as an entire extended family but as my time in California dwindled, I wanted to give Katie and Eric photos of just their family of three. The afternoon I anticipated to be my last at home (long story) we didn't dress up. We didn't even put any make up on. Completely candid and refreshingly natural. Camden was a little happier, though still struggling through two really nasty-huge molars. (I'm so glad we don't remember this time as we grow up, it's definitely painful for her!) In roughly 10 quick minutes, here's what we captured for them.

This Daddy just doesn't get enough time with his Little One, being stationed in a different state...
(You see a hint of our dog, Sadie's, tail on the right side of the above photo? The rest of the dogs were about to let us know that our session was done.)
Yup, all done!

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