They've been quoted as saying that their marriage has worked so well because they've only really seen each other for half of it. Now that they're both retired, they can't rely on that as the secret to their success.

I don't claim to know the actual right answer as to what their secret actually is, but I know that Mom and Dad serve their family well, together. They make decisions together. Those decisions have led to a season in life right now that I don't know if they ever anticipated life looking quite like this. In 2009, a month after my maternal grandpa passed away, on my parents' anniversary, they moved Grandma across the country to live with them and escape Ohio winters. That winter escape has now entered its second year and Grandma has become a California tourist, a member of the audience for my dad's choral performances and an observer of her great-granddaughters in motion.

This leads me to another decision my parents made: to support my sister, Katie, while she went through Physician's Assistant schooling by taking care of her daughter, Camden. My absolute favorite redhead in all the world.

Gerard and I were blessed to travel to my home and enter into the organized chaos that is my parents' house right now. I say organized because there is a daily schedule and routine implemented, it just ...well, it's a little crazier than the average retirees' would envision their retirement to look like. A goal of mine from 2011 was to photograph Camden with her awesome parents and I just barely squeeked it in with the help of a dear friend of Gerard's who just happens to live in California too.
That's about as big of a smirk/smile we got out of Camden this entire session because she was cutting 2 molars and had just had three shots at the doctor's office. (Lesson #1 for scheduling a family photo shoot-avoid doctor's appointments the day of!)
And Ka-BLAM! There's the Williams family Christmas card for 2011. Taken on Dec. 29th. Next, the Four Generations of ALL GIRLS:
Camden was our only challenge, until we decided to up the ante. Add the dogs: Nixon & Laika.
Now, these two weren't so difficult to pose, but they were no less awkward...;)
Just the Williams':
Now....what you've all been waiting for....the BLOOPERS!
Good job Katie:
Will you dance with me?--Mom
Me trying to pose them...
Mom's gonna love me for this one:
And my ultimate favorite:
*sigh* How I love my family. You can see the rest of Nathan Board's handiwork HERE.