Jen & Jason met each other around the flames of a friend's bonfire roughly six years ago if I have my facts straight. It took another three year's worth of bonfires before a different kind of flame between them started to grow and eventually, they became Jen & Jason. Three years of kindling those embers led to this crazy story of God's good plan for their lives, culminating in their backyard wedding.

A huge compliment to me, to be chosen by a fellow photog, Jen's laid back manner and no-stress approach to their day put everyone around them at ease, including me. Due to the quick planning of their day, only immediate family was present and I became a fly on the wall, watching 16 people flurry about to celebrate the happy couple.

When I arrived at their new home, I started with details that Jen's sister had put together as the culinary artist-in-residence.
And some details that were not food-related:
Jen's mother passed away when Jen was just a baby, but there were touches of her everywhere. When Jen got engaged, she and her sister opened her mother's wedding dress preservation box to see if there was anything they could use. They cut a part of the sleeve off one arm to wrap around Jen's bouquet (pictured towards the end of this post) and some lace from the veil to intermingle among the flower buds. Jen also found a photo of her mother and step mother, put them into lockets and had the florist link them into the bouquet.
The florist did a slam-dunk job of it!
(Jen's birth mom is on the right, step mom on the left.)

I then moved on to the activity going on upstairs...somehow Jen & Jason managed to NOT see each other while getting ready. When she told me where Jason was, she also suggested a photo of somehow incorporating the mirror in the guest room. Jason's dad had made the mirror frame, and they wanted to showcase his beautiful carpentry.
When Jen was almost ready, I had Jason head outside and down to the arbor that they'd built earlier in the week thanks to a CraigsList find of spare tree limbs. (Talk about resourceful!) Jen calmly made her way down the deck's stairs to her groom:
About 30 minutes later after family photos, Jen walked down the stairs again, this time to be greeted by her father and given away to her groom.
Jen & Jason's backyard overlooks a huge, undeveloped field with a view for miles. It really was a serene setting and perfect for their day.
Toasts in the kitchen, followed by some cake cutting in the living room:
And some last and final details:
Jen & Jason-I was absolutely thrilled and honored to be a part of your day. Thank you so much for having me and I pray that you're pleased with the results! I wish you nothing but the best as you live out God's plan and roll with the punches in your signature, calm demeanors.
PS You can view the rest of their day HERE.