But really, Will + Laura = lots of X's. XX chromosomes to be exact. As I saw Laura and her husband Will, walk towards me with their pink entourage, my excitement grew as I saw just how adorable their Little Ones were. When you have a family of all daughters, you have to exploit the pink and Laura did so in such a stylish way, all the way down to her own fingernails. (How did she have time to do them?! This is one put-together Mama.)

There’s Violet. There's Torie. And there's Morgan.... 
And then there's dear sweet newborn Tess.
While the older girls picked dandelions for their Mama, we snuck in some sweet moments with Little Miss Tess.
Once the girls were done with their photos and seated on their blankets with cool water and a snack, I pulled Laura & Will aside for a few photos of just them. I could’ve done an entire session just those two! 
Their love for one another, even in the midst of what can probably be a hectic house, was so evident in the 5 minutes we had. In between clicks of my camera, and between checking my settings, I’d hear short kisses or love pats. I’d look up and see nothing but flirtatious glances and knowing smiles as only married people can do. Admittedly, I don't know a lot of their story or much of what brought them to Des Moines from Sioux City, but I know that they love each other and they dearly love their girls (as evidenced by their gaze in this middle shot):
Laura & Will-thank you so much for having me. I wish we could've had more time together to get to know each other better, but your girls were amazing for the time that we had! If I'm ever granted the pleasure of photographing your beautiful family again, I'll be eagerly anticipating how all your XX's have grown and changed into little ladies. :)
Until next time,
PS You can see more of our session together HERE.