One of my goals last year was to photograph four new families. Without knowing that, Ann & Jason took a slot under that category last May and their Little One, Nolan, has become a Regular on this here blog over the past year. It has been such a pleasure to watch this ginger grow & change from a bendy newborn to a toddling walker. One thing hasn't changed though-this smile he has that always seems to say,

I know something you don't know....

I call it his "chummy" smile.

Gerard tagged along for this session because he hadn't seen Nolan since last August and some of his favorite photos of mine are of this little guy. In some of the following images, Gerard was working a squeaker toy to get Nolan's attention.

As we could tell Nolan was starting to wind down, we moved quickly to get some family shots.

Jason & Ann-I've enjoyed our year together immensely! Thank you so much for letting me become the "family photographer" for your group of three. Getting to know you guys has been so fun and allowing me into your lives for session after session is the largest compliment you can give me. THANK YOU.



PS You can view the rest of our session