When planning where we would do their family photos this time around (since we've used two other awesome locations) I can't believe we didn't think of using Drake sooner. Both Erin & Carl spent hours upon hours studying there, but they also spent hours and hour there just being together. While Carl was figruing out how the world works with his Astronomy major, Erin was seeing the world from our young people in her Music Education major. It seemed natural and fitting that we use their alma mater to commemorate their family growing by an additional person: Trevor.

So first, we did photos of just Trevor in his own environment

We had a slight hiccup in our time together, so while Carl was fulfilling his role as Awesome-est Father Ever, taking Zach to get fruit snacks, Erin & I relaxed a little bit and got some candids of her with Trevor.

Let me tell you, those fruit snacks were nothing short of a miracle! Zach was content and ready to do his thing for my camera. :)

There are so many wonderful places to photograph on Drake's campus, but I hazard to say none more recognizeably "Drake" than Old Main.

While yes, I realize that the composition of these family photos are roughly the same pose, Carl did an awesome job corraling Zach while Trevor was quite content with Erin-why mess with a happy newborn?!

Erin & Carl-You guys rocked it! When the going got tough and hot, you were stellar. Thank you so much for having me and I'm excited to watch the Newest Addition grow (& grow really tall) and change. Congrats on your beautiful family!



PS You can view more of our time together