This summer has been stretching my brain to the borders of my skull, inundated with

new information


learning scads

of tidbits to benefit my clients and improve my business. I'm so excited to implement these changes and one thing that I'm "attacking" head-on is improving our senior portrait sessions. While the implementation and the logistics behind the changes is causing me to wake up at 3:30am brainstorming, I'm really excited to give my clients an awesome experience.

So, when those questions come from the incoming senior or his/her parent, maybe this post can field some of those concerns.

1. Bring roughly 5-10 outfits on hangers (ironed already, if needed) with shoe options (ladies, consider bringing heels) & accessories

for each. We might not use them all, but it gives us plenty of options for various backdrops/locations.

2. For ladies,

consider getting your hair done

, come with make-up on and bring that make-up with you so we can do touch ups throughout our time together. If you're not big on make-up,

at the very least, bring lip gloss

to give your face some "pop" for the camera.


Bring parts of your activities with you

. If you're in band, bring your instrument. If you play football, bring cleats or shoulder pads. If you're a cheerleader, bring your poms and cheer uniform.


Think of locations that mean something to you

. If there's a particular spot that your family visits often, or particular places of your city that you love-we'll use it! If you like urban, we'll go downtown. If you like eclectic, we'll go to Valley Junction or East Village, for example.

5. On the flip side,

think of things you absolutely DON'T want to do

and we'll avoid it. That simple!


Parents are always welcome to come on the shoot!

Often, they can get the most genuine expressions from their children and I welcome that assistance.



While I try to schedule around the hottest part of the day, this summer has been downright nasty. If the weather is absolutely obscene, we will postpone and schedule as close to our original date as possible. If we're both hot, really uncomfortable and sweaty, it won't be my best work and you won't have any fun in the process.  This shoot is all about YOU and giving you a great experience.

I hope that helps and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to shoot me an email!