I love a girl on a mission and Haley most definitely knows what she wants. At least, for her senior session and the next 3 years of her life. :) I first knew of Haley probably when she was in middle school as her dad is the worship leader for our church location out in Johnston. But, our lives intermingled again when her family was willing to puppy-sit Ella. I immediately knew she would be in good hands with Haley and her siblings, which was later confirmed by how mopey Ella was when we took her home. Serving alongside Haley for our youth group's spring-break-mission-trip this past March was the clincher that I wanted to take this gal's photos and she wanted me to take them too! Can anyone say "win-win"??

We started at her newly built high school which also inherently meant new marching band practice field and new auditorium (could this girl have it any better?!).

We then moved to another special spot for Haley-Jordan Park Campground where she's attended roughly 10 youth group conferences or retreats. Jordan Hall holds loads of memories for her and what better place to do photos than somewhere extra meaningful?

Haley, your blue eyes KILL me!

Haley-what a pleasure to spend more time with you! You are a gorgeous young lady and I know you will be successful wherever God leads you. Congratulations on your senior year-if it's anything like our time together, you'll face it with lots of laughter and fun, with a firm head on your shoulders.

Many blessings,