During announcements on our church's youth group mission trip one morning, his dad whispered,Carol & I really want you to take TJ's senior pictures. I nodded with a smile and briefly said, Summer? He nodded in agreement and that was it. Simple.

TJ takes after his dad in numerous ways I'm sure, but his simple approach to planning and making sure his senior session was what he wanted, sure is a dead-ringer for Dad. For a guy who continually claimed he didn't care what we did for his senior photos, he definitely gave me straight-froward ideas to choose from. Rock, brick, architecture, metal, minus the nature. And for a guy who continually claimed he didn't care what we did, he definitely followed my direction in bringing ample, yet simple clothing choices. Solid colors, a few pin stripes, baseball jersey, different shorts and jeans. . . TJ looks totally calm, cool and collected on the outside, but on this inside, this is a guy who knows what he wants and will politely, simply, let you know it when necessary. We had an absolute blast with his senior session!

 TJ is very active on his high school's baseball team and loves playing drums for our church's youth group band. From what I've heard, he's a rockstar in both arenas!

Ok, so we did sneak some nature into a few shots, for a little softer side...

TJ-Thank you so much for your work in gathering clothing options and props for our time together. You were awesome to work with and I'm so pleased with the outcome! I know God will work mightily in your senior year as you plan your future, searching for His will throughout.

Many blessings!


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