For the record, Phitsamai was there first and then Evan arrived on the scene. Not only does their company's hiring record prove it, but Phitsamai trained Evan for his new job in Des Moines. Training on the job probably led to training elsewhere in their lives together-likes & dislikes, how to respond to each other on a bad day, how to encourage, how to push the other to become better.  When Evan 's job location changed to Texas, they knew they needed to seal the deal before the move. Before more training began.

The evening started


their reception site as the restaurant was participating in Restaurant Week and would have patrons there until the reception time.

We were able to get several images for the day complete before the clouds decided they were too full and the golf umbrellas made their appearances. Throughout their evening, I was constantly floored at how calm and low-key both Phitsamai and Evan were. As Evan put it,

"As long as we have food in our bellies and rings on our fingers, we're good."

Living downtown, both Phitsamai & Evan love the skyline and landmarks that inherently say "Des Moines". They knew they wanted sunset photos and images with the skyline incorporated and the best place they found to do both was on the MLK Bridge connecting Fleur Dr. to MLK East/West. Rain didn't deter them from using the location either. We just added umbrellas to our arsenal while Evan's sister, Dree, had the honor of conducting the ceremony.

Right as they said "I Do", the rain stopped and we could see just a hint of a sunset where the cloud cover broke.

As Phitsamai & Evan made their way to Proof for an intimate dinner with their closest friends, I caught a few details of this modern and simple venue. The staff were so accomodating as they were juggling the last guests of Restaurant Week and setting up for a reception.

As I left Phitsamai & Evan to enjoy their guests, I nabbed this photo to round out their evening. I know I won't ever look at this bridge the same way again!

Phitsamai & Evan: Thank you so much for having me! I truly appreciate your trust in my abilities and the encouragement you gave. You have a wonderful family and I'm so thankful for the gracious ways they helped in the rain and deferred to me for suggestions along the way. For our short time together, I felt so welcome in your elite group of friends and family. Thank you!



PS You can view the rest of their big day