After immersing myself in photography education this summer, I found myself gravitating toward things that were familiar-books & magazines I'd already read, TV shows and movies I've already seen-mainly because my brain has been so stretched with my new BFF, NEW, that I wanted to relax with my long standing family friend KNOWN. This then led me down the path of refreshing my memory with blessings along the way: the first family to pay me for a session, the first wedding I photographed, the first tutor to take me under his wing, the first business card design, the first, the first..... And it made me so grateful. Incredibly thankful.

So, it works out nicely that the list I made of those "firsts" has just enough to do one a week until Thanksgiving in November. Call it "Instilling an Attitude of Gratitude" here at the blog.

And the first "First"? My first wedding, June 2008, with Kim & Mike.

My photographs from various trips decorated our collage loft apartment our senior year together and Kim knew I had a camera. Little did she know that I barely knew how to work it! Manipulating my kit lens, I photographed her engagement photos with Mike in 2007 and she liked them enough to ask me to do their wedding in 2008. I had some help (that will be Thankful Thursday next week) and together we made it happen.

It was Kim's trust in me that catapulted this "taking pictures" thing into a "hey, she's might actually be legit" thing. Well, it was her trust in me and Facebook. I posted some of Kim's wedding photos to Facebook and word spread. People that I knew started asking me to take their family's photos, their newborn's photos, their senior's photos and the snowball was officially rolling. All because of one person's trust acting as a catalyst. I can honestly say that I don't know if I'd be doing what I'm doing without that jumpstart.

So, Mike & Kim-thank you. From the bottom of my heart: thank you for your trust, grace, and kind words. This wouldn't be here today without your faith in me and ability to see potential. You two are absolutely incredible.



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