You have the typical percussionist: always losing their music, missing their sticks, leaving their band folder in the band room over an extended weekend so that you know they won't be practicing any time soon. Did I mention that they are usually a distraction in the back of the room and lose their music?

And then there's Michael.

Maybe his bloodstream is dripping with the "Calm" DNA ribosome or maybe his true calling is actually to be a clarinet player (because, of course, ALL clarinetists are calm and mature...;)), but Michael was pretty responsible with his band materials, sticks, music, everything, when he was in our band room in middle school from I can remember. I met him as an 8th grader and in the blink of an eye, I'm taking his senior portraits.

How did this happen so fast!?

After the stadium had been exhausted, we trekked over to Norwalk's auditorium that just turned the big O-N-E year old. As a pianist in the jazz band, Michael gets to twinkle the ivories of a lovely Yamaha.

And yes, that is his show choir outfit from last season, complete with show choir-esque smiles:

As a percussionist, you are also considered a mallet player, so we briefly incorporated those beloved yarns in a few images.

We moved outside for a few more ideas of non-music images, but we were also working against the rain clouds gathering. You see, Gary, Michael's dad, heard on the radio that there was "some force keeping the rain at bay to arrive later than expected". Melody, Michael's mom, promptly raised her hand to take responsibility as The Force. She held it off for a good 90 minutes and we completed our "non music" images near the crow's nest at the Practice Marching Band Field. If we'd driven anywhere else, the rain would have started, preventing any non-music images from happening. So, this was our best shot and Michael rocked it for the 5 minutes we had left as it started to drizzle.

Michael-I wish you nothing but the best for your senior year and your future beyond Norwalk, it was such a pleasure to work with you! If the support our music program has received from your parents is any indication of the support you have at your back, I know you'll succeed at anything you set your mind to.



PS You can view the remainder of our session