When Laura asked for a place with gorgeous trees and a train track, I had one idea in mind, but then rethought it because it needed to be further away from a busy street. Though their anniversary was this summer, Art & Stephanie wanted to take advantage of the beautiful colors that come to Iowa every fall.

This was the spot we started with-nice and secluded (and safe). :)

We started with the large group first. Art & Stephanie have two awesome kids, Brad & Laura. Brad and his wife, Cynthia have an adorable 9 month old, Greyson. Laura & her husband, Brian have Brenden, Brody & Jenna.

To give the kiddos (big and small) a break, we focused on Art & Stephanie for a few minutes:

And then brought in individual family units:

Then we broke down the groupings a little further-Brad, Cynthia, & Greyson:

Laura & Brad:

I realize this is a photo of Laura & Brad's backs, but I loved Jenna's fiestiness and her expression in this shot.

I had to honor the ladies:

Just the grandkids:

And a few last shots of Laura's kiddos....from these images, you'd think they get along swimmingly all the time! I especially appreciate the toothless grin on Brody :)

Art, Stephanie, Laura, Brian, Brad & Cynthia-Thanks so much for a wonderful time! I had so much fun with your adorable kiddos and getting to know your families. Congratulations on 40 years Art & Stephanie-from what I hear, every year is an accomplishment. :)



PS You can view the rest of our session