The last couple weeks, I've thanked friends who have allowed me to photograph as their second shooter on a handful of weddings.

This week, I want to thank someone who has been


second shooter-

Austin Day

. We worked together on

Amy & Trey's

big day last year and I couldn't have been happier with how the day progressed despite pouring rain. Here's Austin; I'm sure he couldn't have been happier about the rain either:

As a second shooter, Austin fit into the flow of the day beautifully and offered suggestions without trying to take over or prove his knowledge. (When someone teaches me something new, I consider you smarter than me and I listen up!)  Humble, easy-going, and knows what he's doing. How could a second shooter get any better?

Oh wait. He could also take our 5 year anniversary photos and nail it. That could make it even better.

A few weeks ago, after several texts back and forth of some ideas and locations, Austin easily had Gerard laughing and he made me look great! Again, I was floored with the outcome.

I was (and I think Gerard was) really committed to getting good photographs of us because, to me, 5 years is a huge accomplishment. We both have grandparents that made it to 65 years of marital bliss, and we recognize we have a long way to go, but 5 takes up all of one hand! And God has done wonders in our lives since 07.07.07. I wanted to celebrate and I did so by getting my hair done. :)

Gerard wanted to celebrate by being silly:

Austin did a fabulous job of getting genuine expressions to come out, capturing them in great light settings and delievered our images in a timely manner. His brand screams Customer Service and not finishing the shoot until we had what we wanted stamped a strong impression in our minds of just what kind of guy Austin is even when he's not behind a camera.

I'm so excited to be working with Austin again on a wedding this December and I know we'll produce awesome results. Thank you so much Austin for your wisdom, humble attitude, servant heart, laid back personality, and amazing skills. As I always tell you, "You rock."