I won't soon forget a conversation I had with Esther at least 4 years ago. The nurse in her came roaring out to tell me that I was too stressed and my body was responding in a way to let me know it. Cold after cold, ear infection after ear infection...the list went on and on. Esther didn't hesitate to give me her medical advice and tell me to slow down. I think not only was the nurse coming out in her, but the maternal instinct, just slightly. And she has 4 beautiful children to be maternal over (plus one adorable pooch).

After Henry's close up, Miles was ready to stretch it out:

Then came Ellie:

And Anna:

And Esther & Joel's oldest, Leah:

Altogether now! Miles rocked it being the single gent in the group.

Joel arrived shortly after we were done with the individual kiddos and joined the party:

I loved watching Joel & Esther interact-Mom & Dad still have a little bit of flirt in them. :)

Just for a different backdrop to choose from, we did each of the kiddos one more time. :)

Esther & Joel: I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know your fine children a little bit better during our time together and I loved the challenge of working with Henry. Your family is such a treat and I'm so thankful for your support!



PS You can view more of our time together