We first met at the

end of September

and Melissa mentioned their family tradition of taking a family photo with their Christmas tree for their annual card. I loved the idea and we scheduled it shortly thereafter. I also love our results from a very foggy Sunday morning (thank goodness we were inside!)

When last you met Calvin, his smile played Hide-And-Seek with us. This time, Alivia's smile played the game.

Such a thoughtful Little One-you could almost see the sponge soaking up everything around her.

Though I was super jealous of Melissa's adorable red dress (modest, yet totally cute-she says from Talbot's!!) I wanted to try a shot of just the kiddos and their parents' shoes. Because, let's face it, Melissa's shoes were equally cute and Chris? Well, his were stylin' too. :)

They were both very good at applauding and who were they clapping for or with? My assistant for the day who also gives a plethora of high 5's.


I love the expressions on both of these Little Ones' faces for very different reasons! :)

Chris & Melissa: Thank you so much for having me a second time in such short succession. It was so much fun coming into your home and photographing Calvin & Alivia again. They are such dears! Can't wait to watch them both grow! :)



PS You can view the remainder of our session together