Twas the middle of January and all through Norwalk,

Every creature was dancing, up and down every block.

Show choir season was here and oh how fitting,

Those talented high schoolers,

They just kept on winning!

When all of a sudden there arose a great clatter,

Carrie sprang from her desk to see what was the matter.

A clarinet or trombone, these squaks were not token,

In the band room and it didn’t always mean the horn was broken.

Large group and solo contest, scores, and medals,

Dozens of great successes sprang up like spring’s flower petals.

Flowers like daffodils, tulips and lilies,

Greeted us with the youth group in Ohio,

To be exact: Cincinnati.

To help a dear friend and her church family,

With 56 people serving whole-heartedly!

That brings us to April, June and May,

When Carrie’s photo sessions were well underway.

Families and seniors and a wedding or two.

Call her if you’d like, she’d be happy to “shoot” you!

One special subject, a student always,

Strutted his stuff across Morningside’s stage.

Gerard finished his masters and thinking, “What next?!”

Always working to improve, lead better, serve best.

He’s taken on some Honor choirs, chair positions, and committees,

To help serve his colleagues and earn extra money.

Along came summertime

With activities of what kind?

Of course, it must be,

Nothing other than Frisbee!

With a wink and a nod,

A sweaty kiss, and “Go honey!”

It seems in a split moment it was our 5



Gerard’s team placed 3rd, Des Moines League and Iowa Games,

It’s ok, they had fun! Nothing to blame.

When what to our wondering eyes we did view?

But our extended family, let’s see how it grew:

A cousin on each of our sides,

Decided to take the leap and became each a bride.

Not only was it time for gaining in-laws, to name a few,

But, it was time for Round Two of nieces and nephews!

Come February of 2013,

We’ll have the first boy born to the Webeler family!

Carrie’s sister Katie, may feel like the Black Sheep,

But we’re not complaining! Not even one peep!

Step-sister Paige is due in March,

& sister-in-law Jordan completes the arch.

I think that makes three,

And we wished them Godspeed.

Then after a while,

Hoping, waiting, no smiles,

God’s timing is perfect, the Plan pristine.

Carrie has a new reason to eat lots of protein!!

No, not just for building her biceps and muscles,

(Though that’s been a project for miles on miles.)

He has blessed us with a babe to have all our own.

Come early June, we’ll bring him or her to our home.

A home, I might add that’s had quite the lift!

Gerard’s handy-ness enlarged two of our closets!

Just in time to make room for girl or boy Baby,

Carrie was excited to organize things, to reduce them from many.

While we are elated for this Baby addition,

We can’t end this letter without one contrition.

The loss of Aunt Lois, mentor Gary, family friend dear Al,

Left us saddened, and mournful, weeping, though not a wail.

For there is comfort here,

For these friends we hold dear,

Made a mark on our lives and are now up above,

Experiencing first hand, our Savior’s deep love.

We are thankful for much, to count blessings are many,

Our jobs, church, friends, and above all-family.

We pray this card finds you well,

Decking halls, but not running pell-mell.

That you can enjoy this season

And it’s much greater reason.

And dare we exclaim

As this card leaves your sight,

“Merry Christmas to all

And to all a good night!”