Tori, Morgan, Violet & Tess have been in front of my camera

a few times

in the

past year

and I always love seeing how Laura, in all her fashion sense, dresses them. When my brain exploded with the idea of a tea party and Pretty Pretty Princess jewelry, we really went to town. On top of that, Laura brought her own wedding dress for the girls to play in so that someday, if/when her husband Billy gives away each of his girls, they can look back at just how small they were and compare it to the gorgeous women they've become. I say that they become gorgeous women, because they are absolutely darlings now and wonderful little ladies to be around. But enough of my chatter....

Tess is 9 months old so the bulk of our time was documenting those precious milestones:

The last time I saw Tess, she wasn't too happy sitting up without Laura by her side. Now, she loves crawling, sitting on her own, climbing chairs....

or climbing on buckets....

But she still loves being right by Laura's side, just in a different capacity.

 While Tess took a modeling break, my attention then went to Tori, Morgan & Violet happily occupying themselves with the tea set, table & chairs. Some Pretty Pretty Princess jewelry got some dusting off as well...

 We went from the clothes they came in to their fun dress up dresses, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and an assortment of fairies made an appearance:

Then Laura brought out the "big guns"-her own wedding dress for the girls to play with. Laura has a knack for making her daughters feel beautiful and oh-so-girly. I think I heard each of the girls tell Laura at various times and more than once, "I love you, Mama." And she always responded, "I love


, Baby."

Morgan had a ball and kept saying, "It's so big!!"

Tori was a little more subdued as she always is, but eventually, I think she enjoyed it. Especially when she got to wear Laura's actual veil. What a treat!

Violet wasn't really interested, so we moved on to little Miss Tess who loved kicking the tulle and taffeta around her with those chunky legs of her's.

Tess couldn't decide between the pearls Mama gave her or the Pretty Pretty Princess blue ring. I guess we'll qualify it as her "something blue". :)

Then, we got the girls all changed back into their original outfits and did a few group photos to celebrate an amazing session.

Laura-Yet another slam dunk because of your ideas and your beautiful family! Thank you so much for having me back again and again as I so enjoy getting hugs from and hanging out with your girls. I am really looking forward to watching them grow and change into beautiful young ladies. You're doing an awesome job-keep it up!!



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