I'm looking at goals a little differently this year. Spurred on by some photogs that I follow online, I like the larger casting-a-wide-net kind of goal list by considering what I value first and detailing with a few action steps.

Personal Goals

1. I value my relationship with the Lord.

Less internet. Be focused on the reason why I turned my laptop on and get that job done. Am I spending more time on Facebook or email than I am being in the moment with Gerard, friends, or in the Word?

(image by Austin Day)

2. I value my relationship with my spouse.

Am I encouraging him daily, praying with and for him? Am I his most enthusiastic cheerleader and staunchest supporter? Am I able to take correction from him in a constructive way?

(image by Austin Day)

3. I value my relationship with my family & friends.

Am I able to take correction from them as much as I get encouragement from them? Am I serving my family and friends, regardless of how busy my schedule might feel?

4. I value growing a healthy baby and delivering him or her safely into this world.

God began this great work in our lives and I will have to let go of many things in many ways. (namely, being always organized or always on top of things and giving myself grace when I forget things)

5. I value service to others, including my photography clients, and being an (albeit imperfect) example of Christ.

6. I value rest & calm; (and that includes a clutter-free home where we only keep what we use on a regular basis.)

7. I value financial wisdom and frugality.

"Live within your harvest."

if you will....


You will never change your life until you change something you do daily

”. John Maxwell**

Some examples of daily changes I can make: (lines up with the above listed goals)

1. put my phone down more often to give what I'm doing or who I'm talking to my undivided attention.

2. make daily prayer a habit.

3. schedule a girl's date at least once a month if not twice to stay in touch with different friends, more regular Skype dates with family.

4. eat right, go to bed early, continue to exercise with trainer and at the gym, continue to educate myself by attending classes at the hospital where we'll deliver, give myself grace when I fail to remember something or have dirty dishes in the sink when company comes over.

5. serve others as much as my schedule and body will allow but.....

6. don't feel guilty for saying "no" to something that would over-book my schedule or over-tax my body; there is usually no harm in pausing and thinking through a decision before saying "yes" or "no". Find a healthy balance.

7. no impulse buying, inact a spending freeze for non-necessities, use coupons as much as possible, and counter purchases with the thought,

"Would I rather put this money in savings now for another time?".

Extra Goal #8

. Inspired by

Young House


new book

by Sherry & John Petersik, we have a notebook of ideas for our home that don't cost a lot of money, but would give our home little face-lifts here and there. In our humble opinions, the largest (or most immediate) projects on our home are done (deck/patio, windows, insulation, closets, basement half-bath, most of the landscaping) so little tweaks here and there as we are able will help spruce things up every once in awhile.

Photography-Related Goals

1. Consider and research the purchase of a Nikon D600 or D800.

2. Family and Wedding Portfolio Albums (Family Album due Feb. 1st)

3. Photograph 4 new families

4. Photograph 4 seniors

5. Photograph 2-4 weddings

6. Print newly designed Thank-Yous, courtesy of my Graphics Mastermind, Melissa.

7. Shoot in 3 new places

8. Keep working with


and be more intentional in sitting down and dissecting images for light, composition etc....

Extra Goal #9.

Read 2 photography books that are burning a hole in my bookshelf.