Facebook and Pinterest are full of funny photos and signs but I'm only a member of Facebook (one "addiction" is enough) so here are some images that have literally made me laugh outloud or that resonate loudly with me:

As a music educator, I couldn't have said this one better myself-

Definitely didn't understand this one with Sousa, but upon further research, apparently Sousa's least favorite instrument was the french horn. Obviously, his favorite was the Sousa-phone (aka Tuba). 

Yes, parenthood is quickly approaching for Gerard & I, but sometimes, I still feel like a little kid trying to do adult things. Not actually doing them "for real", until I saw this:

The past couple weeks, snuck little love notes to Gerard on his pillow, in his shaving kit, in his computer bag for school or under his water glass by the bed. And now, I have some screen shots that I've sent via text...

This one is perfect coming from a wife that was raised Quaker and shouldn't have gone to any dances technically, but totally did.... 

This switch-board may explain a few things.....

And the best gift Gerard could've given me? He wrote this on his screen for church on Sunday after a long day of show choir competition the day before. The last sentence is the "gift". ;)

Happy Valentine's Day!!!