On the plane to Salt Lake, I was reading a photography magazine article about a family photog that does a 24-hr Session. She stays with a particular family beginning around dinner time, photographs the "getting ready for bed" rituals, and wakes up with them for breakfast through lunch. I'm so thankful that I got to do FOUR 24-hr Sessions with my sister and her family. :) Here are some of her family's sweet moments (in addition to

Cru's newborn


The first is a surprise to me. While in the airport, I called my parents' cell phone just to check in and catch up with them. Dad picked up and I eventually asked if Mom was there. The response? "No, but Katie is." What?! "You're in Utah!?" So nice to see him since I didn't get to see family for Christmas. :)

 My mornings started with a very quiet click-Camden would close the door behind her entering my room and she'd crawl in for a snuggle. Shortly thereafter, I'd hear a whisper, "I'm hungwee." So we'd discuss her options for breakfast. After scrolling through the camera roll on my iPhone with the pups.....

 on one such morning, she got yogurt and hot chocolate. Why not combine the two? Isn't that some kind of froofy poofy latte or something?

Oh the pups...This is Laika and her concerned face. We call her Mama Laika because every time there's a cry in the house, she goes over to lick the offender.

While attempting more of Cru's newborn photos, Camden hopped up on the futon with one of her favorite books. She has it memorized and she eagerly recited it to him in hopes of calming him down. Such a great older sister!

When reading fails, cuddles do wonders....

If she doesn't look the proud sister already, this photo would clinch it:

In addition to reading to Cru, handing him a bink or letting us know that he wanted a bottle, Camden is already teaching him his animals and colors. Meet Giraffe who's yellow. With brown spots.

The Munch would go down for a late-in-the-day nap and fall asleep among blankets on the couch while watching Old McDonald youtube videos...

Once awake, this girly can do puzzles faster than...well, a TON faster than the average bear. She's so independent and can entertain herself for at least an hour at a chunk.

While I got several hours cuddling with Cru, Katie and Camden had some bonding time. While sharing a water bottle and working on puzzles. What a long way they've come since my first session with

the two of them! 

 Aside from the morning snuggles, this might be my favorite moment with my niece. Helping her choose a nail color and watching her attempt to do her toes. Eric caught these moments while Katie's nails were drying.

All done and all dry!

Katie might hate me for these last two, but I think she's a gorgeous Mama, sleep-deprived and all. 

I couldn't have asked for a better trip to see family. Smooth travels, great conversation and wonderful company. So good to see them all and love on them!