Over salty chips and zesty salsa, I munched my way through a Trivia Night with Pete & Jenni several years ago. Pete's wit and Jenni's knowledge in a pinch were vital assets in our team's quest to take home a 3 foot tall trophy. (kidding on the trophy, but definitely wanted bragging rights!) As we gorged ourselves on salties and sweets, I had a hunch that Jenni & Pete would float in and out and back into my life. Thankfully, I've done a few photography things for them, but what I really was hoping for came a little while back and Jenni & I were expecting around the same time. Because I was just two weeks post delivery, I wasn't able to photograph newborn Ellen, but I got the next best thing: 4 month old Ellen! 

 I love the look and feel of this one-just a happy go lucky and blissful.

Jenni + Pete: Thank you so much for coming back to me after maternity leave! It means the world to be allowed the privilege of documenting this special time in your lives. Ellen is such a sweetie and I look forward to watching her grow!



PS You can view the remainder of our session HERE. 

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