This family has been with me through thick and thin; I absolutely LOVE photographing them all. From

family photos

, to

Zac & Becky's wedding

and their

newborn Johnny O

....hard to believe, he's 10 months already! To take advantage of decent weather when we could, we somewhat pretended these were his one year photos and made it a family affair.

Oh, the many faces of 10 months!  

 Russ had just celebrated his 60th birthday with a smashing soiree the night before these photos and honestly, I'd say 60 is the new 40, right? Gosh, I love these two:

 Oh, my girls....

Nothing like wet drooly, baby kisses....

 I had to give a shout-out to the resident Auntie Kaydee!! He has so much fun with her!

 These might be my favorite of Kaydee and Becky. Ever.

You guys, seriously, I don't need to tell you (yet again) what you mean to Gerard & me. Thank you so much for letting me capture your family year after year. What a legacy of love and grace you are bestowing on little Johnny O. Your's is a great example of what makes Family so special.

Love you all,


PS You can view more of our session