The Very Hungry



In the light of the moon a little egg lay in a Mommy’s tummy.

On a Tuesday morning, May 28


, the warm sun came up and –pop!—out of the tummy came a tiny (5lbs 9oz), very hungry, LaidyBug. She started to look for some food.

In June, she ate through one apple: her dedication ceremony with the Williams family in New Providence. But she was still hungry.

In July, she ate through two pears: her first ICubs baseball game with Papa Williams and a trip to the Quad Cities to see the Krupke and Brogla side of the family. But she was still hungry.

In August, Adelaide ate through three plums: the (un)official start of show choir season for Daddy, the start of the school year for both Daddy & Mommy, and starting daycare with the wonderful Mrs. Tammie. But she was still hungry.

In September, Laidy ate through four strawberries:  Mommy’s fall photo sessions ramping up, Mommy & Daddy adjusting to life teaching a record number of students in the music department, adjusting to Norwalk’s new classification of 4A (we’re playing with the big boys now!), and attending the Johnston location of our Walnut Creek Church. But she was still hungry.

In October, this LaidyBug ate through five (“healthy”) oranges: her first bout of the stomach bug, sharing the bug with Mommy & Daddy while the main bathroom was undergoing demolition and renovation, a wonderful marriage conference date for Mommy & Daddy, an MRI for Daddy’s knee showing a tear in the PCL, and two procedures for Mommy’s post-delivery issues. But she was still hungry!

In November, she ate through TEN different items! Tummy time, sitting up on her own, drooling through every bib in the house, rolling over in every direction, Ella’s licks, Mommy wrapping up fall photo shoots, Daddy’s high school musical and 9th Grade Opus Choir, a visit from Papa Williams, lunch dates with Mommy’s friends, and Thanksgiving in the Quad Cities with Grandma Cheryl & Grandpa Dave.

That night she was super full.

The next month was December again, as it is every year. Our LaidyBug will eat through one nice Christmas break including a week of meeting more of Mommy’s family in California and a few days with the Krupke/Brogla side too. And after that time, we’ll all feel well rested.

Now, Adelaide isn’t quite a little LaidyBug anymore. She is one big, chunky 7 month old! We’ve built our small family in a quaint little house with an incredible support system in our friends and extended family. We’ve “nibbled” our way through the year, learning so much about ourselves, our marriage, the joy and challenges of parenthood. We’ll keep “pushing” through to the new year as our little Laidy turns into a beautiful little toddler!

**This letter based on the children’s book The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carl, so if anything seems a little strangely written, it was following the events of that beloved piece of children’s literature!

Merry Christmas!!