In the past year, more and more of my clients are purchasing prints from my Zenfolio website and I thought it was high time I posted more information about this service that I offer. So, after Christmas, I went and ordered my own and acted like I was one of my clients to see how things would go: from ordering online to delivery time to packaging and print quality.

I continue to be impressed with this company!

I ordered online from my family's Christmas gallery on Sunday afternoon and there was a delivery in my mailbox on Wednesday even though I clicked on the 5-8 day option.

 When I opened the box, there was cardboard supporting the images to keep them from bending and additional cushioning wrap and cellophane to protect from any weather or harsh conditions in transit.

 The top sheet explained all the prints included and who had inspected the order. (Thanks Margaret!)

 My first impression: the prints are gorgeous and incredibly color accurate.

 I chose their E-surface color paper for a few prints and am so pleased with the quality! I can see why it's their most popular paper. Color accurate, lifelike skin tones and archival quality are just a few of the details that I could tell set these prints apart from your typical drugstore. Even just holding the print in your hand, it has a thicker, sturdier feel to it.

I also ordered a few of the prints in their Fuji Pearl Paper that uses a patented combination of film and laminate layers that give prints a metallic shine.  Color pops beautifully and skin tones are also nicely accurate. These can make great gifts!

 So, for clients who are interested or are curious about what they can receive when ordering from my website, here's a small glimpse into the beautiful possibilities!

Visit my website to order some for you, friends, and family!