His mom crushes people's dreams and his dad is a babysitter for adults.

 That's how Randi described what she and Ben do for a living to make a wonderful home for their newest addition: Logan. This kid is destined for big things wouldn't you say? :) In all seriousness, Randi works in the financial department at a local University and Ben is a detention officer for a nearby jail. Uplifting jobs, but someone has to do them! I had an uplifting time with them, getting to know Logan and his birth story. Any woman who pushes for three hours and then has to have a C-section gets special kudos in my book. Heck, any woman who goes through labor does, but I digress. Here's the good stuff:

 Hopefully, we'll never see an adult version of a mug shot for Logan. :)

 The day Logan was born, the front page of Des Moines Register just happened to have something related to a jail on it. Perfection.

 Little hands....

 and awesome hair!!

Randi & Ben: Thank you so much for trusting me with this at such short notice! I had a blast with you two and look forward to seeing how Logan changes from now to 6 months. You guys are going to do so well supporting his dreams and teaching him to be independent (not needing a babysitter) ;)

See you soon,


PS You can view more of our time together