Louise met Jb many years ago through their work at Hy-Vee and they actually had their first date 8 years ago. Louise sums eight years in one sentence: "I had to chase around to catch him again!" they were finally engaged November of last year and are preparing for September nuptials at a beautiful winery a little south of Des Moines.

While Louise is a die-hard fan of our great State Fair, Jb has only attended once! We couldn't deny the rich history The Fair has had on Louise's family, so we planned our session to be at the Fairgrounds. I'll admit, having been to this location many times myself, to step foot on the hallowed grounds with a camera in hand and without throngs of people, I looked at the architecture in a whole new light. Jb instantly agreed with me that the fairgrounds is a pretty ok place without all the people. :) He just needs Louise and he's good to go!

 Louise, you rocked every challenge I gave you! Hopping fences and hopping onto shelves-I love it when a client trusts me and will whole heartedly invest in whatever crazy ideas I may throw at them!

  Louise's grandfather, father & aunts showed cattle at The Fair, but Louise broke with tradition slightly and showed sheep. Not sure if some family members balked (or, baaaaaah-lked) at the idea, but you can't argue with Grand Champion in 1999 and Reserve Champion in 2000. :)

With blustery conditions the day of our shoot, we sought some shelter and break from the wind by the Varied Industries building and I love how the light reflected off the wrap-around porch of the building. (I also love that these two PDA-shy sweethearts got comfortable enough in front of the camera to steal a kiss!)

We had scheduled their engagement session to be in the midst of March Madness, not having an inkling that ISU would make it into the tournament, much less into the Sweet 16. So, when their session fell 2 days prior to the big game of ISU vs. UConn, we had to have a couple hints at their beloved team. I had gotten a few smiles out of Jb throughout our time together, but put the man in a sweatshirt and backwards facing ball cap and he's all grins from there!

 Jb & Louise: Such a pleasure meeting you and I'm so excited to see how your September wedding comes together. With all the talents in your family (bakery owning, professional planning...) I'm sure it's going to be swell! Maybe we could let Jb wear a ball cap for part of the day? ;)

Blessings in the planning process,


PS You can view more of our time together