Not quite sure how to wrap this session up to be honest. When something is 6 years in the making and it finally comes to fruition, it's difficult to put the emotions into words! Jennie was in 6th grade when I started my current job at Norwalk Middle School and because she was a flute player, I had the privilege of teaching her through her 8th grade year. Not one to say 'Goodbye' easily, Jennie wanted to continue private lessons with me through her freshman and sophomore years. Only once Adelaide was born did I stop teaching privately out of my home. And even then, Jennie has stayed in touch, asking me to be her Girl Scout Gold Award Adviser. Like her, I'm not good at 'Goodbye', so I fully relished our time together during her senior session too, ushering in her final year as a student under our care (she's been in show choir all of high school as well with Gerard at the helm).

I've seen this girl before, during and after braces. With glasses and then contacts. And while those tween years always have those awkward moments, Jennie has always been a gorgeous young lady in my eyes. I can only hope her senior photos do her justice.

I love that I get to reap the rewards of my husband's work with his show choir students. Not only does show choir give many students confidence through performance, but it definitely teaches many how to carry themselves-posture, poise and posing. I'd give Jennie an idea, move to take my place in front of her and I'd have this staring back at me:

Thankfully, Jennie doesn't mind playing in the mud either. Dusk was coming fast, our location was closing in 10 minutes and she trudged through mud and muck to get into the water for me. The farther she went, the deeper she sunk into the mud. What a trooper!

Jennie, it doesn't seem possible that SIX years ago, I jokingly told you I should take your senior photos some day. I know I mentioned this before, but it's intimidating to photograph someone you've known for so long because you hope and pray you can capture the essence of your subject well. Please know that it's an honor to have photographed you, but more so, to have taught you and watch you grow into a lovely young lady.

It's been a pleasure,
Carrie *ahem* Mrs. Krupke :)
PS You can view more of our session HERE.