Each year, I wonder which family will get the bright colors of fall for their family photos. Jill + Glen hit the jackpot as we tried a new location for their family. We didn't even have a "wear orange" memo sent out either. Leave it to the ultimate scrapbooker to luck out on color schematics! :) 

We had a great time and the weather cooperated so well we were sweating at the end! (or was that just me?)

Jill did a quick clothing change with the girls and they loved acting like Carrie from Little House on the Prairie: running while holding their longer dresses up and then falling at the top of the hill. While trying to get both of them facing me, one was willing while another wanted to keep running. This was the reaction from the one willing to smile for the camera...sometimes I love the outtakes just as much as the posed shots....:)

Nora & Lily: You girls are so precious! Thank you for having fun with me and my camera and I'm really pleased with the images we got from our warm afternoon together. Hope you enjoy them--I'm already looking forward to next time!



PS You can view more of our session together HERE