It never ceases to amaze how much a little person can change in a short period of time. Abigail is no exception and is an absolute joy to capture and to her parents. A smidge headstrong (but what 2 1/2 year old isn't?) I can only imagine what a vivacious and brave young woman she will become.

After a few "mind games" to get Abigail in the mood for smiles, we went straight for the silly. I've photographed her mom and dad, Cindy & Greg, since their engagement and have loved every session since. 

Totally warmed up to the camera, I know....

Cindy + Greg: Thank you so much for coming back again and again! I'm so glad that I get to continue having little moments with you to keep tabs on your family. You already know this, but Abigail is wonderful and such a joy to photograph, even in her stubborn moments. I'm so grateful to call you clients, but more importantly, to call you friends.

Thank you so much for everything,


PS You can view more of our session HERE