This session almost didn't happen-but I'm so glad we were able to overcome a technical glitch in the system! Dove is a lovely, busy, little girl that enjoys exploring and toddling wherever is most interesting to her. Her mom is also a lovely, busy gal who has her work cut out for her if chasing Dove during this session is any indication of what every hour with her is like!

KT had the awesome idea to bring her own dad along for the session to watch Dove explore while we got a few of KT and her partner in crime-Blake:

As a reward for gifting me with smiles, I just followed Dove wherever she wanted to explore...until she started eating rocks, then we were officially done! :)

KT, Blake and Grandpa! Thank you so much for keeping with me and scheduling this session! I'm so glad we were able to get it to work out and that Dove was so easy to work with. What a joy she is and great exercise. ;) 



PS You can view the rest of our session HERE

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