I have photographed this family from its early beginnings and it's such a joy to watch dear friends blend together as a family unit, adjust while they become parents and downright cling to each other and the Lord through challenging circumstances. 

I slept on the floor of Lauren's bedroom for a college summer on an airmattress because her bedroom had the only AC window unit of our roommates. Our common affinity for cool, dry air was just the tip of the iceberg (or AC unit) in how well we got along. We steadily became two peas in a pod and we cheered the other on as each of us finished college, got married and had children. 

Lauren and Shawn have three wonderful boys-Nathan, Christian and Ezekiel (Zeke). And I'm happy to say, I've documented each of their babies' chub. :) They've recently moved into a lovely new home, so while Zeke finished up a well-deserved nap, we started with just the happily-wed couple:


To further delay the waking of the littlest Little One, we took individual images of Nathan & Christian too. Nathan has patience that I envy! He's always walked on his tip toes to the point of needing casts and now braces, to correct and strengthen his ankle muscles. But let me tell you-he's got calf muscles like a pro and he's taking to the braces really well for such an active 5 year old. When Shawn told me they have heel running races, I knew they'd officially made braces fun.

Following in his older brothers' footsteps, Zeke has the same level of baby chub that is wonderfully fun to photograph. You wouldn't know that this little guy had a really tough case of RSV-like symptoms this winter that had him in the hospital for almost a month. He's such a cheerful, flirty, adorable gentleman!

Lauren, Shawn & Boys: It was so fun to visit with you, catch up and photograph your awesome family! It's hard to believe that Nathan is already 5-wasn't it just last week I was photographing his baby chub?! Thank you for allowing me the honor and pleasure of documenting your sweet family.



PS You can view more of our time together HERE