I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email on Friday letting me know one of my wedding images had been featured on SnapKnot's blog. They'd been looking for engagement or wedding photos that highlighted the use of classic, vintage (in other words, OLD) cars. 

Gerard's family owned a 1949 Pontiac since he was an infant and the "Pont" as we lovingly referred to it took up residence in our garage once we moved into our home. We'd drive to dates or church in the car during the late spring-summer months, but during the winter, there it would sit, safely in the garage, while we toiled, scraping snow off our cars, before leaving for work.  On one fun occasion in 2011, Gerard had the distinct pleasure of chauffeuring a bride and groom on their wedding day in the "Pont". Otherwise, her claim to fame rested with a few waves from classic car connosseurs as we drove through our neighborhood, excited to see an one drive by.

Her intrinsic value was steadily decreasing as Gerard realized she would either need a lot of work in the near future (everything was original, but she'd need a paint job soon) or we would need to sell her before that became glaringly obvious. With his father's blessing, Gerard began the advertising process that the "Pont" was for sale and we waited. 

Adelaide arrived and we put the Pont's priority a little lower on our list, but a few months ago, an older gentleman inquired about her (the car, not our child) and came to visit and check her out. They took her for a test drive and a few days later, there was a flatbed truck at our door ready to haul our beloved Pont away. The next morning, I asked Gerard how he felt about it all and he admitted to a huge relief. He sold her at just the right time and to a man who wanted to fix her up and make her look gorgeous in a way we weren't able to. 

It's been increasingly sweet to have the Pont memorialized on my website in various places and now, up on SnapKnot! Not only is the Pont special to us in the photo below, but the couple holds a dear place in our hearts as well. Dayna & Cole have classic hearts and a love for sophisticated, yet vintage items and the car was a perfect touch to their wedding day. While it was fun to go for joy rides in the Pont, it's really special to have such fun photos of her go out to others on a much larger scale. In a way, she's famous

Happy Monday and thank you SnapKnot!