Her mama and I were in classes together at Drake-she was going after her Masters and I, my BA. We had conducting together and a few methods classes, but I don't think anything we took in college could prepare us for Motherhood. Abby is a fantastic Mama to Ms. Bella, having been a single Mom for the past year or so. As a fellow educator, I could only imagine what Abby's classroom encounters with her classroom management skills-we used a lot of the tools in our toolbelts to get some photos of Ms. Bella and I have a hunch as to where she gets her sassy stubborn streak; not to worry Abby, it's completely indearing. ;)

I loved the emotions that Bella exhibited during our time together-such a wide range in a 3-year old! Even the frustration (bottom left) was endearing. Abby performs with the Des Moines Symphony in addition to her position as an orchestra director and every musician's child must know how to bow. So we were practicing Bella's walk to the stage and bow to the audience during this series of images....

Can you just imagine what her teen years will be like?!?!

Abby-It was a pleasure catching up with you and meeting your gorgeous daughter. Thank you so much for contacting me to capture her-I hope I did her personality justice! I had a blast and hope to see you both again soon!



PS You can view more of our session together HERE