"How's it going?" Are you getting any work done?" Carrie would somehow always find Mike in a study area of their dorm hall at Iowa State and his first thought would always be, "Of course not, you're interrupting me." But somehow, I don't think he minded the cute interruption. ;)

Years later, Mike put a ring on his Interruption's finger and wanted to make the interruption to his life permanent (if you'll allow me to take the analogy all the way to the altar...) It was my pleasure to document their love where it all began on Iowa State's campus and ironically, it started at the campanile where another wedding was taking place. We kept our distance, but couldn't keep the campanile out of their images. :)

Carrie & Mike are absolutely adorable together and after Carrie was ready to toss the heels, we got into comfy-er clothes and snapped a few on our way to their old dorm hall...

We made it to Friley Hall and frisbee players kindly gave us some distance so we could get some shots in. 

Carrie + Mike: You two are so wonderful together! I had a blast getting to know you better and I'm honored that a former bridesmaid has now chosen to be a bride in front of my camera. Tell your sweet sis hello for me and best of luck on the remainder of your first year of teaching!! Hang in there till June and we'll talk soon, I'm sure commiserating over our gradebooks...



PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE