When I was a teenager, I sent a gorgeous sunset photo in to the phone company as a submission for their phone book cover competition. My Dad and I have always joked about the upclose squirrel photo that won for that year. (A squirrel, seriously!?) Clearly, those judges didn't know a good photo when they saw one. 

I stand corrected. There are some judges who know what they're doing. ;)

Several weeks ago, I got this email from a past client, turned friend, just casually letting me know of a photo competition in my area. It was commemorating Winterset's Covered Bridge Festival, in conjunction with the musical Bridges of Madison County, showing at at Des Moines' Civic Center.  Ironically, a family had requested their family session to be at Winterset's City Park where one of those covered bridges rests. It was too convenient NOT to submit a few from that session that fit the criteria. 

Thank you Amanda + Trevor!!

I named the image "Happy Shadow" and it was selected to be in the traveling gallery!! It will be on display this weekend at the Covered Bridge Festival in Winterset. The gallery will be open from 9AM to 5PM on Saturday the 10th, and from 9AM to 2PM on Sunday the 11th at the Iowa Quilt Museum (my mom would be so proud!) located at 68 E. Court Ave in Winterset.

Additionally, the images selected will be on display at the Civic Center gallery Nov. 28th-Dec. 5th in conjunction with the performances of the musical Bridges of Madison County. Those photographers (from 5 different states) who have their images on display won two tickets to opening night of the musical and a pre-performance reception. 

Thanks for the date night opportunity and the street cred Civic Center!!!! 

I'm honored, humbled, and finally feel that my photos are worthy of a phone book cover, 

Carrie ;)