In the blink of an eye, Alli went from a 6th grader on trumpet, to a freshman on baritone because of pesky braces. To an outsider at least, Alli seems undeterred and actually embraces any hurdle thrown her way. In middle school, she was perfectly cast as the little orphan Annie for the musical of the same name and that's the attitude that I always picture when I see her: upbeat, smiling and helping out those around her.

Now, seemingly, in the blink of an eye, Alli is facing her senior year in the fall and we are doing something a smidge different with her senior session(s). Alli requested some photos be taken in each season of the year-and since Iowa does four seasons so well, I was happy to oblige. That also meant we went from "talking about her session" to actually "shooting her session" in a matter of four days to catch the trees in bloom before another spring storm blew them all to smithereens. But again, Alli's not deterred-not even by the sometimes gale-force winds we encountered during her first of four mini-sessions.

We started with the spot we'll use in each session to show the same scenery throughout the year:

Using the setting sun to our advantage, I had Alli turn her back to the sun, and I must admit, I've never seen her so serious!

We did a quick outfit change and moved from the marina to the beachfront where the wind continued to give us almost as much sass as Alli was giving my camera...

Sometimes, Wind + Hair = Art. :)

Alli: I'm so excited to go on this four-season journey with you. What a fantastic idea! If this mini-session is any indication of how the rest of our time will go, I can't wait for the next heat wave, fall frost and blizzard!! Bring it on-

And bring on your senior year,


PS You can view the rest of our session HERE