A friend of a friend, Kayonaah contacted me to photograph her family and we settled on last Saturday. It perfectly coincided with the blooms on Waterworks' spring trees and we delighted in their beauty as we took photos of Kayonaah's group: her husband, Gary and sons Athen & Evan. Athen & Evan have a bright future ahead of them as Athen is finishing up his PhD in BioChemistry and Evan is finishing his BA in Computer Science!!

We started with Kayonaah and Gary: 

Kayonaah had mentioned that the boys' Grandma had requested a full family photo and one of just the boys, so we made sure to get all combinations possible in our brief time together. 

Kayonaah and Gary: Thank you so much for trusting me to document this season in your family's life. It was a pleasure to meet you and get to know you. Congratulations, Athen & Evan, on all your hard work for your degrees-you have brain power I'm not capable of! 



PS You can view the remainder of our time together HERE