I've had the pleasure of getting to know his Mama this year at school and we had just started the conversation about taking bets on his arrival date and weight. We didn't know if Roman was a boy or girl at before his arrival, so we were just starting to take bets on that too. We'd barely had the conversation and all of a sudden, Deanne didn't come back to school. Roman had decided to come a little early, fast and furious style and Deanne, as most moms will admit, was just along for the ride. Coming so quickly that there was no time for an epidural, Deanne was unfazed then as well as the day I showed up for Roman's newborn session. 

I usually start with a baby on his/her back, then slide them to their side, then onto their tummy if they'll have it. With naked baby boys, you never know how they'll like being on their tummy, arranging their feet 'just so', so they'll be comfortable and Roman was a champ! He was out like a light the entire time! So then, we thought we'd push it a smidge and go fully naked. The sweetheart didn't even pee on our blankets! :)

At this point, Roman's older siblings were antsy for their chance in front of the camera, so we added them into the mix! 

Deanne + Bryan: Thank you so much for allowing me the pleasure of photographing your sweet ones! They did so well and I hope you are pleased with the outcome of our time together! Sometime, we'll have to get a shot with all FIVE of you!! (Bryan, I can't wait to meet you btw...) :)

Congratulations and job well done guys!

PS You can view the remainder of their session HERE