They met among the gorgeous backdrop of the Denver landscape. Carmen & Andy met in late June, were engaged the same day a year later and married as close to that date as they could get a year after that. Together, Carmen & Andy have changed the landscape of their home and made it lovingly their own, so we took their family photos there, among a peaceful backdrop of a gurgling stream, a rambunctious pup and blossoming hollyhocks. 

A few of Kate, Conlan, Alex & rambunctious pup, Joey....And a few of Carmen & Andy too...

Andy has designed this calm oasis in their backyard with an extra secret area even further behind their fenceline. We played with the light and the swing for a few minutes before bringing the kids back into the shoot...

Kate and her proud Papa and Carmen with her teasing boys...

I loved the front of their house so much when I drove up to it that I couldn't resist finishing there while the sun set behind the trees on their street.

Carmen + Andy: It was such a pleasure to meet you! Though Gerard & I have taught your boys, it's always fun to see where they get "it" from, be it good looks or a great sense of humor. :) Your family did great in front of my camera and I wish you success with any additional projects you have in store for your home! 

Happy DIY-ing!

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