They both graduated from Norwalk High School and somehow landed at University of Northern Iowa together as well. Kelsi continued her love of cheer by being on the squad at UNI that facilitates cheering events for younger kids with any kind of social/emotional/physical difficulty. And Tyler has continued his interest in politics by considering pre-law after helping run a local campaign. Sound busy? Ummm, yes. But we all took a pause from a hectic, semi-stressful day to enjoy some time in front of my camera. And I'm happy to say that snuggling your fiance is a fantastic way to unwind from a hard day's work. ;)

We found a few different places around Norwalk, as we were racing against the loss of light for the day...

Nothing says "Iowa Summer" more than jeans, a barn, and a warm summer evening with the love of you life...

We couldn't ignore where their friendship began and headed over to Norwalk High School. While Kelsi + Tyler were there, Norwalk was able to build a brand new stadium and auditorium. Yes, the new stadium is an incredible facility, but we had a hankering for old time's sake and stayed with the old stadium's seats with a great view: 

Kelsi, you are gorgeous! 

Tyler + Kelsi-Thank you so much for the honor of photographing not just this time in your lives, but your wedding next year as well! I love hearing how things are coming together and I know it will be a fantastic day for you. Best of luck with your school year as you wrap things up and look forward to creating a life together!



PS You can view the rest of their session HERE

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