You've watched their family grow on this blog and seen even more of their adventures on Andrea's blog EverAfterBlueprint, and it was time to update the frames. :) You last saw them about a year ago when Foster made his grand entrance and it's incredible to me that he's already ONE! We started, though, with Emerson, and a rocking chair that has followed him through many of his sessions too. 

At this stage of having young children, a lot of the sessions I have are devoted to candid images: the snuggles, the jumping, running, flying in the air, the corralling and wrangling....;) Adam and Andrea make it look super fun and super easy!

Andrea + Adam: You guys are wonderful every. single. time. Thank you so much for having me yet again and I hope that the move to your new digs goes as smoothly as it possibly can with two that are 2 and under! I love photographing your boys and it's so fun watching them grow up before my lens!



PS You can view the rest of their session HERE