Do you remember that rule of the Six Degrees of Separation? It totally rings true. I got an email from Jess with the question of not only "Are you available for our wedding day?" but also, "You wouldn't happen to be related to Dave Krupke, the speech pathologist, would you?" I was happy to answer "yes" to both of those. Jess saw my images of a mutual friend's wedding, saw my watermark on the bottom of the photos and connected the dots through Facebook to find I am married to Dave's son, whom she went to school with, Gerard. Jess is now a speech pathologist for our school district and I couldn't have been happier to photograph her with her wonderful fiance, Ben. 

We started low-key and relaxed at a park they enjoy together, with football gear in tow. It was about then that I realized it was the weekend of the Iowa vs. Iowa State game and oopsy, their session was smack in the middle of it. Ben was getting score reports on his phone when we drove from spot to spot and Jess had been pampered all day in preparation for our time together-Iowa football wasn't exactly on her mind: cheese was. ;)

We played with some light while swatting at the bug clouds...

A quick drive, outfit change and score update later, we had this gorgeous light to work with:

On our way home, we spotted this glorious field near Norwalk and had a hay day with it. Or a sunflower day, if you will...

Jess + Ben: Thank you so much for your sacrifice Ben! Not only for missing the Iowa football fun, but also for your service to our country. Jess, you are gorgeous and lovely to work with. Your spunk and easy laughter made photographing you two a breeze and I can't wait for your beautiful day next May!



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