My "babies" are all growing up! Zach is one of the first classes of 6th graders that I taught at Norwalk in the band department and now, he's graduating! *sniffle* Some crazy facts that I didn't know about him before his session include: taking a trip to New York, being in Spanish class at Norwalk HS, but also taking Chinese from Rosetta. When asked a question in Spanish class, he actually answered it correctly, but in Chinese. #whoops! I don't know many (if any) people who can do that!

Without any further adieu, we headed to Raccoon River area for the start of his senior photos:

Despite a fundraising 5K going on in our midst, we were able to eek out a few at the docks without getting neon green shirts in the background! Oh, the things we juggle/navigate....

Off to Valley Junction area for a variety of backdrops...

Zach: You were a rockstar, man! (Both on trombone and in front of the camera. ;) ) Thank you so much for trusting me with this part of your senior year and I hope it didn't disappoint. Mis mejores deseos en su último año!!

Blessings, (or 祝福) 

Mrs. Krupke

PS You can view the rest of Zach's session HERE

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