I hope you and your's had a fabulous holiday break, celebrating with family and friends. Our vacation time with our families is for another post and another day, so we're going to go a little out of order and get to this awesome family that I'm so excited to share with you! 

I first met Megan & Brian when she was at the uncomfortable stage of pregnancy-a volunteer for Upwards photos for me, we talked more about pending motherhood rather than the journey it took to get them there. A few weeks after that conversation, she posted the backstory that I wish I'd known sooner as we would've had a TON more to talk about in person instead of just through Facebook message. Long story short, Cooper-now 9 months-is a miracle that his parents weren't sure they'd ever get to enjoy and I'm so glad we were able to get them in front of my camera! 

What a stinker face!! 

It was probably around 25 degrees the afternoon that we met up with the snow (obviously) on the ground. So our session lasted all of 10-15 minutes, but Cooper was a trooper and his parents were pretty good accessories too. ;)

Megan + Brian: Thank you so much for having me along for the ride to document this part of Cooper's life! It's a pleasure to touch base with you after about a year. And Megan, I'm so excited to work alongside you again in the near future-you guys are movers and shakers, coming up with bold ideas to serve those around you. I know that will rub off on Cooper in the best way and I can't wait to see how he moves and shakes up the world around him. 



PS You can view more of their images HERE